Erdwärme Angeschlossen

Things are happening. Our new heating system will be geothermal. This has caused a lot of headaches due to the advise received from so called experts that were talking out of their ass. There are a few things you need to calculate when you decide to go geothermal. Things like transmission-heat-loss values and the thickness of insulation in your house and the types of bricks in your walls are just a few of the kinds of things used to calculate the dimensions of a heating system. You will need this to determine how big your heater is, how many wells will need to be drilled and how deep, how big will your wall radiators need to be, etc. If somebody screws this calculation up, as somebody did ours, you can have serious problems if you don’t correct them in time. Especially when winter comes and you realise you are freezing in your new house. This is one of the things that led to our prolonged stop. There is a long story here, but I can’t tell it right now. Suffice to say, “experts” should always be second guessed. Oh, and if you decide to build a house, buy legal insurance. It can save your ass.

So, all that was leading up to these pictures. This week the pipes for the geothermal heat were connected to the house. They were drilled in late 2012, but we didn’t connect them until now because it wasn’t known until recently if we have enough wells at enough depth.

From the bottom left here all the way back is where the cables are laid about 1.5M under the soil. Sadly, I was not allowed to drive the cute little bulldozer.

This area will eventually be covered by a porch. Building the porch had to wait until these pipes were buried. The pipes couldn’t be buried until we figured out if the wells drilled were sufficient. Now the porch can be built.

The geothermal pipes had to be threaded under the rain pipes.

And there are the pipes being led through the walls.

Close up

On the inside. The pipes are coming in just to the right of the copper pipes. There will be a heater here soon!