If That Ain’t Country….

Last night my special lady friend and I went to Gasthausbrauerei Nolte to see the Rob Ryan Roadshow. I’m not sure if I have written about Nolte here before. It is, hands down, the best microbrewery in Lüneburg, maybe northern Germany. It is over 100 years old and it is a third generation family run place. It has a very down home traditional German flair to it. They offer great food and beer. One thing that a lot of people don’t know about it, is that it is a very popular stopping place on the country/rockabilly circuit in Germany.

The show was great. He played a lot of well known covers as well as some of his own music. The crowd was not as rowdy as I would have expected. When I walked in the door and saw a tableful of guys each looking like Charlie Daniels, I was a bit taken aback and had to make sure I was still in Germany. Then I walked into the hall and saw a bunch of other Germans dressed up like they just got off the set of Gunsmoke. For a brief second I thought I was at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.

Anyway, here are a couple of low-res pics as proof.

It’s because the wolves have better taste in music than the boy.

While walking home from the busstop this week, a 13-year-old Norwegian school boy stumbled upon four wolves. In the end, it may have been his love of heavy-metal music by the band Creed that saved his life.

He may have actually deserved to be eaten, but the wolves decided it was not worth it.

Wolf 1: Dude, we got this kid cornered, there’s no escape!

…i’ll be dammed fighting you, it’s impossible, impossible!…

Wolf 2: Hmmm, if we eat this kid, we might catch the stupid. Better let him go.

Wolf 3: My ears!

Brain Full

I started a new job in Hamburg this week. I was at my last job for 9 years and 2 months. Holy shit. I didn’t realize how long it really was until I looked at the words I just wrote.

Anyway, I commute every morning with the train. It reminds me a lot of my former life in Chicago when I used work at Streeterville Studios or at some crappy temp job and I would have to take the blue line down to the loop. It’s funny how half a world away, the sullen and sleepy faces of work bound commuters are the same.

At my new job I am the only native English speaker. I have no problem reading or writing German, but when I am sitting at a table with 5 other Germans during a brain storming session, I have a real hard time keeping up with what is being said.

Maybe I’ll hear an interesting compound word and I’ll try to parse it in my head. By the time I figure out what was meant, the conversation has moved on to some other point and I’m kind of lost.

It’s only the first week though. I’ve been packing a lot of information into my brain and it probably just needs a weekend to relax a bit.

Happy New Year!

My special lady friend and I went to Delft over New Year’s Eve. The Dutch are kind of a reserved people. They are know for being direct and having a no-nonsense way of going about things. They are pretty chill and don’t seem to get too exited about anything, at least in public. Although, that being said, I have heard that if you touch a Dutchman’s bike, it will be the last thing you ever do.

Apparently, they used to be renowned in Europe for their great sense of humor and jovial manner, but then the Calvanists came along and beat that out of them (Yay, Religion!).

Once they get an excuse to let it all out though, they go nuts.