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Good Music: Candy For Your Ears

So I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately. My job gives me the chance to discover lots of new bands and albums. While the future of the music industry is up in the air, there is no shortage of new, inspiring and innovative music.

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Things I have been listening to as of late:
Pre Language by Disappears
Better Luck Next Life by Royal Baths
Reign Of Terror by Sleigh Bells
The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz by Radio Moscow
GB City by Bass Drum Of Death
Suol Mates : Fritz Kalkbrenner
Room EP by Radioactive Man

Räbel Natur

About this time last year I was out in the wilderness making music. While I was there, I recorded some of the natural sounds in that environment. It was always noisiest around dawn and dusk. At first it was a bit unnerving because it was so loud, eerie and yet ubiquitous. You couldn’t pinpoint the source. It just seemed to come from everywhere. After a few days I hardly noticed anymore. Check it out. Try it with headphones.

If That Ain’t Country….

Last night my special lady friend and I went to Gasthausbrauerei Nolte to see the Rob Ryan Roadshow. I’m not sure if I have written about Nolte here before. It is, hands down, the best microbrewery in Lüneburg, maybe northern Germany. It is over 100 years old and it is a third generation family run place. It has a very down home traditional German flair to it. They offer great food and beer. One thing that a lot of people don’t know about it, is that it is a very popular stopping place on the country/rockabilly circuit in Germany.

The show was great. He played a lot of well known covers as well as some of his own music. The crowd was not as rowdy as I would have expected. When I walked in the door and saw a tableful of guys each looking like Charlie Daniels, I was a bit taken aback and had to make sure I was still in Germany. Then I walked into the hall and saw a bunch of other Germans dressed up like they just got off the set of Gunsmoke. For a brief second I thought I was at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.

Anyway, here are a couple of low-res pics as proof.

It’s because the wolves have better taste in music than the boy.

While walking home from the busstop this week, a 13-year-old Norwegian school boy stumbled upon four wolves. In the end, it may have been his love of heavy-metal music by the band Creed that saved his life.

He may have actually deserved to be eaten, but the wolves decided it was not worth it.

Wolf 1: Dude, we got this kid cornered, there’s no escape!

…i’ll be dammed fighting you, it’s impossible, impossible!…

Wolf 2: Hmmm, if we eat this kid, we might catch the stupid. Better let him go.

Wolf 3: My ears!