Räbel Natur

About this time last year I was out in the wilderness making music. While I was there, I recorded some of the natural sounds in that environment. It was always noisiest around dawn and dusk. At first it was a bit unnerving because it was so loud, eerie and yet ubiquitous. You couldn’t pinpoint the source. It just seemed to come from everywhere. After a few days I hardly noticed anymore. Check it out. Try it with headphones.

Greater Pacific

I’ve been digging on the 6-song EP Rainfall by Greater Pacific (side project from members of Travel By Sea). It’s like a nice slow trip through the countryside. In addition to lyrics about life, love and loss, and traditional country music instrumentation, the songs are complimented by atmospheric soundscapes created by guitar effects and synthesizers, thus giving the songs a bit of a psychedelic feel that you don’t often hear in the genre. It goes great with a slowly-sipped whiskey.

Here is the lead single….

If you want to buy it (and not be a dick and steal it from some virus-infested file sharing website), you can get it here.