Stairs & Stuff

The Neubau and Altbau are joined together in such a way that there is a height difference between the floors. This leads to an interesting stair situation that requires a creative solution. Loyal readers will recall that I built a short set of stairs not too long ago, thereby eliminating one set that needed to be built and saving some money at the same time. Yeah! However, we still have 4 short sets of stairs and 1 long set of stairs that need to be built. Boo!

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Not too exciting this weekend. Did some drywalling on a ceiling and filled some gaps between masonry work with expanding foam. If you are working with expanding foam, wear gloves, protective clothing, a hat and goggles. Don’t do what I did, which is just wear gloves. If to gets on your arms, in your hair or in your beard, it will hurt trying to get it out. And it might bleed a bit.