Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play at the Markthalle* in Hamburg. Hi-res pics can be seen here. It was one of the best rocking concerts I have seen in a long time. The droning/searing guitars along with the light show helped create a very mellow groovy atmosphere.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 1 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2

If you are into early Verve, The Stooges, Spiritualized or Black Sabbath, you might like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

And if your kitchen table has a hole in it where a doorknob used to be, you might be a redneck or something.

*Look who else played at the Markthalle last month.

Meanwhile, In the EU….

Human Rights Panel Criticizes Blacklisting Methods

The Council of Europe’s legal committee urged an international overhaul of regulations for blacklisting individuals and groups to provide them access to evidence, rights to a fair trial or impartial review within a reasonable time, and compensation for wrongful designation as a terrorist.

Wow. This seems so common sense. Why would it seem so strange then if the US Supreme Court were to say the same thing at a press conference tomorrow? It’s pretty sad that it would be a complete surprise. A shock to some indeed.

I’m not sure yet what the implications of this may be, but maybe the EU could set a good example.

I’m going to bed.


Who Killed the King?

I don’t mean Elvis. I mean King Ludwig II of Bavaria. I was just kicking it at his crib a few weeks ago and was seriously doubting the suicide theory. I have no doubt he was crazy though. Seriously, a grotto inside the castle? Der Spiegel has an article about a new theory concerning his madness and death.

Was “Mad” King Ludwig Murdered?

For over a century, Crazy King Ludwig’s death has been ruled a suicide. But now, a new theory, based on a mysterious, bullet-ridden coat, has it that the Bavarian monarch, builder of Bavaria’s fairytale castles, was actually shot. And maybe he wasn’t insane after all.