Call Now And Get Your ZZ-Top Keychain!

There is not much new going on here in La La Land. Yesterday was state elections in Niedersachsen and Hessen. I went to the polling place with M just to watch her perform her civic duty and get her democracy on.

But that election is not what I am here to talk to you about. On Saturday morning, while folding laundry and cleaning up, I came across a post over on Metafilter that opened the door to a time machine. Namely, 3 hours of MTV from 1983 hosted by Mark Goodman. This is from when MTV used to play music videos. All. The. Time.
There are even commercials for Atari and old video games.

Part 1: Ha! Night Ranger!

Part 2: First video is Sharp-dressed Man by ZZ-Top

Then They Came for The Smokers…

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a smoker.^

Sticking to the theme of the smoking bans being introduced all over Germany, I will draw your attention to an article in this weekend’s Guardian.

Campaigners for smokers’ rights have been quick to draw on the comparison between the recent clampdown and the little-known nationwide tobacco ban introduced by the Nazis in 1941 as part of their quest for bodily and racial purity.

Ah, pulling the Nazi card. This is always a delicate matter in Germany, where Reductio ad Hitlerum can have disastrous results and legal consequences if not pulled off well.

Poor Little Bunny

I’ve been sick in bed for 2 days with the worst cold ever. I felt it coming on Saturday so I got lots of rest and fluids. I thought I had it beat, but I let my guard down too soon. The tables turned on me and the cold whooped my ass on Monday night. I think I’ll be all better tomorrow though.

Gut Reingekommen

Last night we rang the new year in on the Marktplatz here in Lüneburg. Like every year there were a lot of people standing on the edges of the Markplatz shooting off loads of fireworks. The middle was kind of a no man’s land where many stray rockets found there targets. Here is a short video showing the madness.