Erdwärme Angeschlossen

Things are happening. Our new heating system will be geothermal. This has caused a lot of headaches due to the advise received from so called experts that were talking out of their ass. There are a few things you need to calculate when you decide to go geothermal. Things like transmission-heat-loss values and the thickness of insulation in your house and the types of bricks in your walls are just a few of the kinds of things used to calculate the dimensions of a heating system. Continue reading

Drywall Getting Spackled

Finishing drywall seems like something I could do. I watched all kinds of youtube tutorial videos, how hard could it be? Well, pretty hard I guess. I have a few pals who’ve decided at various times in the past that they could spackle and sand drywall. It didn’t turn out so good. So when I asked them about their experience, they asked me a few questions: Continue reading


Yesterday I installed about 35m2 of dry flooring on the top floor. Each piece was 2.5 cm thick, 120cm X 60cm. Each one weighed a little over 22kg. It was a huge pain in the ass, but we got it done. I was really sore this morning.

When the room is done, I will either put up a wall across the room flush with the hole where the stairs will come up or I will put up walls around the stairs with a door at the top. Either way there needs to be some sort of separation for when I make loud music. Continue reading