Drywall Getting Spackled

Finishing drywall seems like something I could do. I watched all kinds of youtube tutorial videos, how hard could it be? Well, pretty hard I guess. I have a few pals who’ve decided at various times in the past that they could spackle and sand drywall. It didn’t turn out so good. So when I asked them about their experience, they asked me a few questions:

Do you have the right tools?
Not yet. Uh, I can get them.

Have you ever done it before?

Is it just a small area?
No, it’s a whole house.

If you fuck it up, can you redo it?
Uh, maybe. Umm, I don’t know?

“Seriously, have somebody do it for you. They have the tools and the experience, and they will do it right. There is a rough patch on our living room wall where I fucked up the spackle and sanding, and then I made it even worse by trying to redo it. 10 years later, whenever the sun moves across the room in the evening and then moves over that patch on the wall, I still hear my wife sigh with contempt in my direction. Get an expert.”

So that is what we did. They started yesterday and are almost done with the first pass. Here are a few pics.








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  1. Right decision. You may not recall but I tried this once on a small mudroom added between the house and garage in Heritage. UGH ! Drywall taping and finishing skill is a no-brainer “check-book task”. There are a few others, but I will let you find them on your own !

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