Cop Shoots Cop

So anyway, this happened in Germany: after a livestock transport crashed, somehow a bull escaped and made his way into a nearby Netto supermarket and fucked up all kinds of shit on his way in. Before going out in a blaze of glory, the bull injured a few people and caused about 10,000€ in damage.

More here in German:

The pictures in the article only show the bull after he was shot and killed inside the supermarket and then dragged out into the parking lot.

Here is a picture of the bull after being killed by a police officer in the middle of what appears to be the frozen food section (WARNING: blood & gore. However, if you grew up on a farm, you’ve seen this type of shit before. For those of you who are squeamish, you do not have to click the link in order to read further. You have been warned.):

Two things:
1) Netto is not exactly know for their high quality meat selection. The caption/title on the second bloody gory link is “Endlich, frisches Fleisch bei Netto. / Finally, fresh meat at Netto.”

2) The slang word for a police officer in German is “Bulle” or bull. Therefore, a better caption for the article would have been, “Bulle erschiesst Bulle” / “Cop Shoots Cop.”

Oh, by the way. I’ll reactivate this blog soon. There is lots to tell.