And Some Bonus Links

US Publisher Turns away from Cartoon Nudity

The drawings are harmless really. But a US publisher has decided not to publish a series by children’s book author Rotraut Susanne Berner. The problem? Cartoon breasts and a half-millimeter-long willy.

That little fella has more balls than Boyds Mills Press.

German Labels Search for the Real Sound of America

For three decades, the German labels Bear Family Records and Trikont have rescued classic American music from obscurity. From hillbilly to deep-fried Southern funk, anything goes — as long as it’s got soul.

One of such fortuitous discovery was a lost version of Johnny Cash singing “Ring of Fire” in Spanish, which Weize found after listening to an unmarked master tape in a California studio.

That probably sounds better than it does in German…
“Und es brennt, brennt, brennt. Der Ring aus Feuer, Der Ring aus Feuer.”