Couch Follies

Finally got my damn couch yesterday. It was such a fucking ordeal. They sent one about a month ago (after already waiting 2.5 months for deleivery) and it was the wrong layout and the wrong color. When we complained they said that it wasn’t even available in the color we wanted although we were assured 4 fucking times that it was when we ordered it. In their defense, they did try to make it all better by giving us a chandelier in which M had expressed interest.

So after waiting 3 weeks it finally came. It is the correct layout and it is the correct color, albeit second choice. After unwrapping it and putting the feet on, I tried to hook the 2 pieces together using these hook things on the side. They didn’t line up properly at first so I had to drill new holes in the couch and reattach them in the correct position.


Anyway here it is with a cute German girl asleep on it. It may be hard to get her out of my room with this gem├╝tliche couch here.

Stay tuned. The next post may be about Rossameisenen. It’s exciting!