Tag Team, Back Again

I went back to the US for family reasons already alluded to in the 2 previous posts.

On my trip I saw Yness and baby Lucas. Must fight urge to procreate. There, all better.

I dropped in on palndrom23 for a surprise visit. I was only in CT for a few days and didn’t really plan on going to the city. Marina stopped by to discuss her trip to Germany. We decided last-minute to drive down to Brooklyn to see a friend of hers. We ended up taking a wrong turn and crossing over the Williamsburg Bridge. Suddenly I noticed we were right by palndrom23’s place. So we stopped in. Actually I rang his doorbell 3 times and then called his phone after stopping in at an internet café to find his number. He was pissed because I woke him up but that anger soon subsided because he thinks I’m a swell guy and doesn’t get to see me that often. We had a few beers across the street and had some laughs. I think he was pretty surprised to see me. I’m full of surprises like that.

This guy sure got a surprise. Hey-yo!

Every time I go back to the US, it gets stranger. Or is it me?

I gotta go to bed. I just spent hours updating and reconfiguring Pro Tools and Live. I’m beat.