Get Behind Me Darwin

There are stupid people everywhere. This is a fact. It is often not very obvious who these people are. In the case of the American President, it has been made abundantly clear. However, today’s post is not about him and how stupid he is. It’s about some German Dummkopf I met yesterday.

As I was at the gas station filling up* I noticed two guys standing on the sidewalk in front of the gas station, about 10 yards away. One was a German soldier in uniform, the other was a short prollig meat head with CZs in his ears. Both guys were smoking cigarettes. Hmm. I guess it was far enough away to not be a huge explosion risk, but it still made me nervous. Maybe a hot ash could get flicked off and carried by the wind towards the pump. He might put his butt out on the ground and it might roll over towards the pump. Unlikely, but theoretically possible.

As I am taking out the nozzle and putting it back in the pump, the meat head walks over to his car which is about 3 yards away from me. WITH HIS FUCKING CIGARETTE IN HIS HAND!

I point at his cigarette and say in my friendliest German, “Uh, hey dude. Not too clever.”

His response: “What this? Pfft, whatever. It’s far enough.”

I remarked while moving quickly away from the pump: “Your standing next to a gas pump with a lit cigarette! You fucking idiot!”**

He muttered something in Proll-Deutsch and got in his car and left.

I’m all for people Darwining themselves out of the gene pool, but I’d prefer they not take me out with them.

*Americans, stop bitching about gas prices. €1.40/liter ≈ $7.30/gal
**“Du fucking Idiot.” If I really mean it when I swear, I don’t say it in German.