German Healthcare

The hospital I stayed in last week is called Städtisches Klinikum Lüneburg. It was the first time that I ever had to spend the night in a hospital or stay for any extended period of time. The doctors and nurses were all very nice and friendly. They were all patient when explaining procedures and various medical terms. It was interesting relearning basic high school anatomy in a different language. I can’t speak for all hospitals in Germany but I got what I felt was great care at this one.

I honestly doubt I would have gotten such great care in America. I could be wrong but from what I hear, I would have been in and out of an American hospital within 2 days. Of course, I haven’t received any bills yet so we’ll see how that develops.

The one thing that makes the difference are nurses. Treat ’em nice.

During an extended hospital stay you will probably get the chance to watch lots of TV. The one thing you don’t want to watch is hospital dramas. I don’t need to be reminded that people up and die in hospitals. If I wanted to watch that shit I could just open the door and look down the hall.

My new medicine makes me woozy.
Update: I just got my hospital bill. Total amount due: 70€. That’s about $84.50 for one week. There goes the summer home in Vermont.