Lazy Sunday

My brother and his girlfriend left last night back to Stuttgart. My Brother is probably on his way back to the US right now. It was a good but short visit. These visits are never long enough. We just hung out and took it easy. I showed them a little around L√ľneburg, had some coffee and a bit to eat.

Tomorrow I go to Bad Bevenson for 3 weeks. Today I’m making sure I have the proper forms filled out, enough clean laundry and everything else I need for a 3 week Reha. I assume it won’t be much considering I’m not there for vacation.

I hope they figure out what is going on with the ticker. I’ve felt fine for the past week. I haven’t done anything too strenuous per doctor’s orders. The medication has made me feel pretty psychedelic a few times. That has only been during the first hour or so after taking it. After that it tapers off and I just feel… groovy. Hopefully we will also figure out a better dosage for me.

Some Sunday reading…..
An article about Rick Rubin from the LA Times
An article about Chan Marshall aka Cat Power and Beth Orton from the New York Times. Both links require free registration.

And some video….. Johannes Schlueter: A German making his way in America