Blogger Sorta Sucks

I made some template changes and then republished all the blog entries but when I do that Blogger likes to replace umlauts and apostrophes with wacky symbols and nonsense. Damn. So if you see strange symbols, don’t worry. I know.

There is a bar here called, wait for it…..wait….The WunderBar (sigh). It had to move shop recently due to a conflict with the previous landlord. They were supposed to have the grand opening in their new location last night with free music and booze. Unfortunately there were some problems with building permits and bureaucracy so they cancelled it. But what about all the people that showed up? Well they still provided free booze. That was cool.

The place was not at all close to being finished. It still looked like a construction site on the inside. It reminded me of some rave I was at once in an old house that was being renovated except there were no glow sticks, pacifiers, stuffed animal backpacks or cracked-out kids dressed like Japanese manga characters. It was definitely and older crowd.

A long time ago I discussed getting my own radio show. It didn’t happen for a variety of reasons:
1. I forgot about it.
2. The guy I discussed it with forgot about it.
3. I didn’t have time.

I saw him at the party last night though and he said I can still do the show whenever I want. I just have to call him up and let him know when I have time. Ganz locker Alter. So hopefully I will get that going when things calm down at work.