Oh, Hello There!

I got linked to by BusinessWeek last week. Check it out!: Blogging’s Cure for the Expat Blues.

“ONLINE THERAPY. The big question: Is anyone reading Dispatches from France, An American in London, Notes from Germany, and the rest? Apparently so. Quoting the traffic counter at Dispatches from France, Vivi says she gets about 100 readers a day. Other expat blog writers report similar numbers.”

100 visits a day sounds about right. Thanks to this article I see I got about 400 visits a day last week and it has slowly tapered off. Those 15 Minutes are up.

I don’t really know why I started this blog. I’ve never considered myself a particularly good writer and I’ve never kept a journal longer than a few weeks. The website was here before the blog. I had to build it for a course I took at the nearby Uni. It is good to let my family and friends know what’s going on. That wasn’t necessarily my intention when I started it though. It’s cool though that it turned out like that. I started it after I had already lived here for a while. I was already past the culture shock and had pretty much gotten used to the language and customs.

As far as the blog goes I don’t care how many hits I get, I don’t care who reads it. On the other hand, I am careful about what I write about. Because of my visa situation I can’t really risk getting “Dooced”. Like most of the other expat bloggers, I have a lot of stuff going on in my life that I don’t/can’t blog about. It’s nobody’s business but mine and it would probably interest no one. The concept and thought of family, friends and strangers reading what I write is kinda cool though. It would be interesting if I got thousands of visits everyday, but I don’t consider myself that die-hard of a “Blogger” to promote the site and provide the sort of content that would keep that many people coming back.

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