Des einen Brot, des andern Tod

Bonkers over Bread | Culture & Lifestyle | Deutsche Welle | :

“Germany has more kinds of bread than any other country and every year new varieties are released to an enthusiastic public. They call bread the staff of life and indeed, Germans would have a very hard living without it.”

This is true. Brot is everywhere. So good luck with that Atkins diet if you come to Germany. Maybe that is why that fad never seemed to have caught on here. Give up bread? Das kannst Du vergessen! However, the article does say that low-carb bread is gaining in popularity with the health conscience crowd. Low-carb bread? That is like having dehydrated water.

In America there are mainly three kinds of bread: white, whole wheat and rye. If you can find a real bakery you can probably find other varieties as well but the selection is never as diverse as it is in Germany.

Not saying it’s better or worse, just different.

Random German vocabulary: The German word for supper is Abendbrot literally “evening-bread”.