Yesterday Karstadt had a super sale on CDs. They had 5 or 6 huge bins full of CDs, each for 4€. Most were total crap but there were a few gems to be found. For a total purchase price of 40€ I got:

  • KRS-One +kristyles

  • Herbie Hancock +Empyrean Isles

  • Sonny Rollins +New’s Time

  • Chet Baker +Plays It Cool

  • Rob Swift +Sound Event – really good turntablist

  • Primal Scream +Evil Heat – alright, partially produced by Kevin Shields

  • Amon Tobin +Out From Out Where

  • Buffalo Daughter +”I”

  • Zwan +Mary Star Of The Sea – Listening to it now, crap. Will be gotten rid of.

  • U2 +War (!!!!)

I heard some 15 year old girl say, “Oh U2!” and she holds up the CD and looks at it. “Hmm. I’ve never heard of this one”. She then threw it back on the pile. As soon as it hit I said, “Yoink” and snagged it. Heh.

I found this link today at It’s a flash based presentation of the history of electronic music. The guy who did it hasn’t exactly approached the whole thing in an objective unbiased way. He is often prone to dismiss a genre with one sentence. Anyway, there are all kinds of audio samples and brief descriptions to explain it along. Enjoy.