Last night Detlef and I went over to Ingo’s and ate homemade pizzas and killed 4 bottles of wine and a half bottle of grappa. I’m not really sure what grappa is made out of but it tastes like paint thinner.

We were going to go out after we ate and tear it up somewhere but Bier auf Wein, lass das sein. So we ended up staying at Ingo’s and playing cards. I don’t remember what it was called that we were playing but it was difficult to learn after the 3rd bottle. Did you know that in Germany card decks don’t have cards 2 through 6? I’m not a big card player so I had no idea. It explains why I kept loosing. I was trying to pick up sixes or fives and I was wondering where the hell they all were. M said that a 52 card deck is only used in Canasta.

So in Germany they don’t play with a full deck.

This explains a lot.