Heisse Hunde

More than you ever wanted to know about the hot dog and its many variations Basically about sausage and how it is served around the world.


Sausages are often eaten on small paper plates with both mustard and ketchup, and with a small bun on the side. They are held in the fingers and dipped into both condiments before eating. Bread is eaten in between bites of the sausages, and is also dipped into the condiments. The most popular variant in Germany is the Currywurst: here the sausage is served in sliced bits and eaten with small throwaway wooden or plastic forks. In Austria, the term ‘hot dog’ refers to a hollowed out baguette bread, into which the sausage is then placed, along with condiments (like in France, without the cheese). Usually most of a vendor’s offering can be ordered as a hot dog. A similar form of hot dog placed inside of bread was popular in the former East Germany (and still in parts of the region today) under the name Ketwurst.