Hipsters Invade Austin!!

I am not one of them. I lack the required amount of ironic T-shirts and tattoos.

I swear, half of Williamsburg was on the plane from NYC down to Austin.

We are here to visit my sister, brother-in-law and their family.

While we were here the South By Southwest music conference has been going on. Naturally we checked out a couple of shows. We have seen and heard a lot of great music this week. This fest is unlike anything I have experienced before. We’ve seen Hopewell, Witch, The Black Angels, Blood On The Wall, The Raveonettes, The Noisettes, Yo la Tengo, The Atlas Sound, Phosphorescent and Shearwater and many many more.

Yesterday was a Texas day. This is a day on which all of the following must happen: shooting of various high-powered firearms, eating barbecue and seeing Willie Nelson perform. It was awesome. My sister Betsy even got to shake his hand.

Tomorrow we fly to St. Louis to see what kind of trouble we can get into.