Heil Hitler, Das Schwein Ist Tot!

An article about humor under the Nazis.

Some funny stuff. You wanna make Germans laugh about the Nazis? While sitting in a bodenständige Kneipe, take the cellophane from a pack of cigarettes and put it over your index and middle finger. Spread your fingers to make the plastic taut and put your fingers up to your lips. Ta-Da!! Instant Volksempfänger!! Same principal as a kazoo.

Now you can create your own personlized speech from the Führer or his henchmen. Just make sure you play up your most stereotypical German accent.

“From now on, all men who do not or can not emulate the Führer’s moustache, will be required to glue a fuzzy caterpillar under their noses. Caterpillars will be provided at the nearest caterpillar distribution center upon the presentation of the properly filled out forms.”

As stupid as that sounds, it’s a hit.

I know, I know. You’d think they would have sent me home by now.