Back from Amsterdam

If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, you need to go. Everything you heard about it is true x10. I’d get into seedy details but what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.

The Dutch are great people. Super friendly and helpful. However, I couldn’t help but notice that things aren’t as efficient there as I am used to. The train station and tourist info office were a madhouse because of the way they were run. Orders in restaurants were often wrong or they just created confusion. Maybe I’m just spoiled from living in Germany for so long. It was kind of like Italy but they spoke English.

The city center is crazy and fun and sometimes dangerous, but once you move away from the tourist fed stench of whore and hash, it is a very beautiful city. The canals and the houseboats are amazing. We saw the Jazz Festival. We saw crazy hen- and stag-parties. It was a good time.

Now we start renovating the new apartment. Hopefully we can get it all done before we move in at the end of the month.