Ooh Ooh La La

I went to a cardiologist the other day to have a meeting. I just gave him a report of my recent medical problems and talked about how things were going. The first thing he did was take me off the medication I was taking. That was a relief. Those side effects like weight gain, lethargy, mood swings, forgetfulness and rashes were cramping my style. Now I can just concentrate on the mood swings. I have another appointment next week. In the meantime he’s going to hit the books and figure out what, if anything, is going on. We’ll see.

Today is a holiday in Germany. It is Christi Himmelfahrt/Father’s Day. I may have discussed that on this blog already but I couldn’t find the entry. Some celebrate this holiday in a special German tradition. Like most German traditions, this one also includes drinking a lot of alcohol. What better way to celebrate the Ascension of Jesus than walking around all day with your buddies dragging a wagon around full of beer and other assorted alcoholic beverages while creating a public nuisance?