The first movie I ever saw in a drive-in theater was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982 (I think) in St. Louis, Missouri. Needless to say I thought it was awesome as did everybody else in the whole friggin’ world. The other thing I remember being hugely popular at that time was the Atari 2600. If I remember correctly, it arrived one Christmas morning and I didn’t get to play with it until my dad had thoroughly and properly “tested” it. That took a couple hours. So sometime in 1983 when my friend Bobby McDonald from down the street got the E.T. video game, I was excited to go over and play it. I remember that after five minutes of game play I was so disappointed because the game was so crap. It just didn’t make sense to my 6 year old self. I think I went home after that and played Pitfall or maybe played on a nearby pile of dirt with my Hot Wheels.

When I was in high school years later in Dallas I met a girl at my church who was in my first grade class along with Bobby and I. We must have both been about 16 or 17. It was complete coincidence. We didn’t remember each other at all from back then but I asked her if she still knew Bobby. She sadly said that he died not too long before that in a car accident. I don’t remember what the circumstances were but I remember being saddened by the news. At that time I hadn’t seen him in seven or eight years so to be honest it didn’t weigh too heavily on my soul for long. It was just one of those things you hear about. Not everyone makes it.

What? Why’s everyone so sad? Aw my bad. I didn’t mean to harsh your buzz bro. Back to the Atari!

I was thinking about that shitty E.T. game and Bobby the other day for some reason. Then today I saw this video by Wintergreen. I’m glad to see everybody else thought that game was shitty.