Woohoo! Entlassen!

I finally came home from Reha today. That was 3 long weeks of mostly geriatric surroundings. It was a nice place but I’m glad to be back home. I did lots of nordic walking, morning gymnastics and other therapeutic exercise. Getting up at 6:30 to run fake jog at an extremely slow pace (I didn’t want to look like a show-off) in -10°C weather wasn’t as much fun as you might think but I toughed it out. I lost some weight and got into shape and now I am totally buff. Na ja, nicht wirklich, aber vielleicht gibt es ein paar alte Freundinnen, die meinen Namen bei Google eingeben und dann diese Seite finden. Jetzt denken sie sich: “Schade, ihn hätte ich nicht loslassen sollen”. Ha ha! Pech gehabt Mädels! Es sei denn, sie können Deutsch. Between activities I played lots of Soduko, went for long walks along the Elbe Seitenkanal and watched lots of really horrible daytime German television. There were some exceptions, namely Kojak, Miami Vice and the Simpsons.

Anyway, thankfully my heart has received the all clear from the doctors. I’m extremely grateful for that. So after all the tests and examinations it appears to have been a one time fluke. They still have no idea what caused the blood clot but I have no limitations on my lifestyle. I can run, bike and frolic just as much as I used to. However, because of family history of heart disease, I still remain in a high-risk group. I have to take beta-blockers for a year and I have another examination in a few months.

I heard the Arctic Monkeys album. If you forget about the insane hype and just listen to it for what it is, it is a really solid rock album. The Kooks new album is good as well.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Ugh.