I’m Seein’ Robots

I had to go to the Ausländerbehörde last week to renew my work permit. Here is a list of the various documents I had to provide:

  • Passport
  • last three paystubs from job
  • copy of work contract
  • copy of rent contract
  • Anmeldebestätigung- Piece of paper that says I live where I say I do. Sort of like ID without a picture
  • insurance card
  • passport photo

It went smoothly but I hate all that bureaucratic crap. Anybody that knows me will attest to the fact that I am not an administrative paperwork kind of guy. I have a hanging file box that I keep all my important immigration/employment/tax papers in. It keeps it all in one central location, but I still have trouble finding anything in there.

Next bureaucratic mission: TÜV and ASU

Meanwhile, what the hell is going on in France? Supposedly similar riot-like incidents are breaking out in Belgium and Germany. I hope it simmers down soon.