Been caught stealing -UPDATE!

In reference to this post…..

A few days later we were in the Irish pub (I swear I am not there as often as it sounds) when lo and behold in walks the guy and starts walking around looking suspicious while poking around acting like he lost something. Some other girls that were with M at the time said that he was the guy. I gave M my mobile and told her to go outside and call the cops. As I was doing this, the bartender was yelling at the guy saying how he didn’t allow purse-snatchers in his bar. My plan was to tell him to give the guy a beer and let him chill unsuspectingly while we waited for the cops to get there. I assume the supposed thief heard “purse-snatcher” and slowly realized that all the the faces that were looking at him now were also at the scene of the crime and this is what led him to high-tail it out of there, as we say in Missouruh, lickety-split. Before I had realized what was going on (I was already on my third pint, you see), M had chased him for a block but he was gone. I ran around the block a few times trying to find them to no avail.

Good news however. The purse was found in a bush by four children about a week later. Nothing missing but the handy. The bad news is that M did’t get it back until another week later because the LGPD had to run a full investigation and dust it for prints and take twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was and blah blah blah. Wow, all that for a stolen purse….Hmmmm. But we found out they may have a few suspects based on M’s description and she’s going to the police station on Friday and look at mugshots. Ooooh, exciting!