While reading this post over at IAF, I reminded of a job I used to have as “Bouncy-Castle guy” in the greater-Chicago area. I was working as production assistant for an events/party company. I usually just set up the Sound and light equipment and stood by to make sure everything ran smoothly.
Occasionaly we would provide a huge inflatable Winnie the Pooh that the kids could jump around inside of. Sometimes I had to be responsible for setting it up. This entailed moving a huge rolled up lump across the field, unfolding it and hooking up the fan and gas powered generator. Damn that thing was heavy. It wasn’t much fun in the middle of the summer either, but for $20 an hour, it was worth it.
The worst part about it was that parents just left their evil little hellspawn kids with me and expected me to be the babysitter while they went off and got drunk.

Hey Mister, he hit me!


Ah, good times. Good times. Of course if it were my own niece, I would have to regulate. You need a time-out mister?!