Been Caught Stealing

M’s purse got stolen while she was at a private party in a bar last night. She is fairly certain who did it and canceled the cards and outgoing calls from her cell phone as soon as she discovered it was gone. Some obnoxious drunk that couldn’t take a hint was hitting on her and her friends and was finally told in no uncertain terms to sit elsewhere. As he left he walked out with her purse. M didn’t notice till a few moments later. The bar staff said he wasn’t invited but that they regularly threw him out.

To cut a really long story short she located the phone via her service provider’s website that triangulates the phone’s location using the cell towers. We spent about half an hour with two plainclothes officers from L√ľneburg Polizei at 4 am sneaking through a small residential area while dialing the stolen phone from my phone and trying to hear the ring through the walls and windows. Unfortunately we didn’t catch the guy but M knows what he looks and where he hangs out. Too bad. I was hoping for some beatdowns served up by the LGPD.

Unfortunately her keys were in there and we only have one extra set, mine. And for some reason, getting copies of keys in Germany, which in America takes 5 minutes, will take about 4 weeks. Sometimes it seems like small niches of the service industry are designed to fuck with people who need them the most.

We were surprised by how anxious the police were to help out. Maybe it was a slow night.