Pre 9/11 called. They want their civil liberties back.

Wow. It’s really amazing to hear and see what is happening over there. Every time I go back, people seem to be more and more scared. I’m curious what I’ll experience next week when I go back. I don’t understand why there isn’t more outrage. Don’t be scared. Don’t you see? That’s what the terrorists and the government want. The terrorists want you to be scared because, well, their terrorists. That’s what they do. They want you to live in fear and terror. The government wants you to be scared because that is how they control you. That is exactly what Bush and Co. based the last campaign on. They want you to be scared so they stay in power. Think about it. If you voted for him, you probably did it because you were scared. I mean c’mon, how else could he have won. It certainly wasn’t brains and charisma. And according to the latest polls most of you are not happy with the way he’s doing his job and probably wouldn’t vote for him today.

Think about this… Starting soon, if a cop in the NYC subway wants to search you and you resist, you get arrested even though the fourth amendment forbids illegal search and seizure. These are the things that so many people before us fought and died for. Poof! Gone. And if you just willingly go along with it, you are just giving up. And then they already control you. It is little steps, one at a time. The further it goes in that direction, the harder and more violent it will be to turn it around.

Or something.