Am 1. Mai

Last night ended up in the Garage at some heavy metal show. There were lots of scantily-clad metal, punk rock and indy chicks there to ogle. So thats what I did. Unauffällig of course. The bands were okay but just sounded basically like Pantara/Slipknot/Korn cover bands. I’m down with the metal but it just needs to be approached differently in a live setting. Turning the bass up on everything does not make everything loud and heavy. It turns it into a big muddy wall of “wooooooooom”. Today is a holiday here. If it were to fall on a weekday, I’d have the day off. There are lots of festivities going on in the city. For instance there is a very loud cover band just down the street playing the super extended long version of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”. Ugh.