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Here are three articles from the English version of the F.A.Z. . The first two deal with the serious and sad plight of many Muslim women living in Germany and other European countries. The last article is an American’s light-hearted account of his experience of returning home after living in Germany for a few years.

Putting an end to the multicultural dream

Sometimes an issue hangs in the air for a long time. And then, from one moment to the next, it captures everyone’s attention. When that moment comes, people wonder how the topic could have been ignored for so long.

‘Honor’ killings shock Germans

Since the murder of Hatin Sürücü on Feb. 2, the German community has turned its attention to previously taboo subjects, such as forced marriage and violence against women in Turkish homes. Sürücü, a 23-year-old Turkish woman, was shot down at a bus stop near her home in Tempelhof, a suburb of Berlin.

You’re so German!

It was my first trip back home to the United States in almost two years. I hadn’t started wearing strange color pants or Birkenstocks yet, so I figured I hadn’t changed that much. But oh was I wrong!

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  1. although, nate, you are becoming so german. the best was the time before last in NYC when you were slurring your english, fresh off the boat. and you weren’t even drunk yet.

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