Oh yeah. It is that time of year again. The Christmas Market in L√ľneburg was in full swing this weekend. Walking down the street was a major challenge. I was reminded of the video from the Verve for Bittersweet Symphony where Richard Ashcroft is walking down the city sidewalk knocking and shoving people out of his way. Not that I would do something like that but if someone did, I could understand. I spent yesterday evening working on a little music and experimenting with CSS for Chillmost v2.0 which, because I decided to start again from scratch, won’t be ready till next year some time.

This coming weekend I am taking a PHP programming course. I can already work with PHP a little but I want to really learn it correctly. I have realized that when it comes to programming languages, I am not really motivated to learn it by myself. I find it more helpful to have it taught to me by a professional who knows what I should know.

In the last 3 years I have learned so much about computers, programming and the Internet. I had already known the basics and when I worked for my friend Kim I learned about hardware and networking. But in the last 3 years, as I began using OS X and the terminal, I have learned a lot about Unix-y things like permissions, root/user privileges, compiling source code and installing things, configuring Apache servers, perl, etc. Hmm. Maybe next year if I find space for yet another computer I will start messing around with Linux. I could install Yellow Dog on a partition but I don’t feel like messing around with my hard drive like that.


For those that don’t know, Wikipedia is a free open source encyclopedia. That means entries can be added and edited by users just like you and me. Although there is some debate/controversy/misgivings over the accuracy of such a project, it is pretty good. Sometimes I might look something up and I will follow one link to the next and end up spending a good chunk of time there. It is pretty interesting. The again I used to read the World Book Encyclopedias cover to cover as a kid, so maybe it is just me. The point is I spent lots of time today reading up on Germany and German things: History, language, politics, culture, etc. Here are some links:


German Language

German History

German Politics

Soon after I got tired of German stuff so I look at more serious and interesting things like:

The Marx Brothers

Spacemen 3


Psychedelic music


So, it was a productive day.