I don’t have much to say. I’m busy with dealing with the onset of winter, the onslaught of the holidays, getting all my ducks in a row at work before I leave for the US in 2 weeks, and looking for new domain space and DSL provider. Oh and I have to get some Altersvorsorge before the end of the year.

I’m currently at 1&1 and I am pretty satisfied but I want to get a server with root access and the ability to do anything with it I want. The least expensive server with root like that at 1&1 starts at 69€/month which is whack. I think I’ll go with Evanzo’s virtual server package. Blah. As for DSL I’m not sure where to go. The prices are all squirrelly and I hate reading contracts and fine print in German. Anybody got a tip on some cheap and reliable DSL?

I’ve been sort of following what’s going on in the Ukraine for the past few weeks. It’s amazing to see “The People” rise up and tell the man to fuck off like that. Here are the blogs of some guys living in Kiev: Notes From Kiev and Foreign Notes. Pretty interesting.

Side observation: I saw a poster at McDonald’s here advertising the Wu-Tang Clan’s new Greatest Hits album. I think it was also on the sheets of paper that line the trays but I didn’t get a real good look. Would McDonald’s advertise something like that in America? Good old wholesome Micky D’s and the Wu? En Garde, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style!