My car started acting funny today. I was going down the Autobahn at around 160 KMH (about 100 MPH) to band rehearsal and I pushed in the clutch to slow down when I got to the exit. I then noticed that the steering wheel was heavier to turn and that the power steering wasn’t working. Then I noticed that the engine had stalled. No problem. Just turned the ignition and started it back up. Just like when you stall at a red light when you forget to put it back into first gear except I was traveling at 100 mph. It worked fine at first but as soon as I pushed in the clutch again to stop at the red light the engine stalled again. I could start the engine and shift and drive around no problem, but as soon as I pushed in the clutch the engine would stall. This happened every time till I got to my destination. Why? On the way home it didn’t happen. Could have something to do with the engine having cooled down. I got home just fine. I’ll have Lothar take a look at it if he has time.