This is what happened according to Jens. First of all, I explained what the Kirchweih is a few weeks ago. It all went off with out a hitch except for the fact that I wasn’t there. Chopping down the tree, standing said tree up in middle of the village, getting drunk, dancing with girls around tree, and the whole time protecting the tree from getting chopped down from people from the neighboring village.

The ceremonies were just over and the last drinks were going around in the bar just off of the Dorfplatz. Some guy went out for a slash and starting yelling and screaming shortly after. Somebody had stolen the tree. Eine Schande!! The most scandalous part of all was that it was stolen by 2 guys who lived in the same village.

Supposedly, they were renowned for being super assholes to begin with and because of this they weren’t asked to participate in the festivities. Now the village elders or something are discussing if they should banish them from the village. Old school ostracism. That’s serious.

Maybe if I were there, it wouldn’t have happened. Maybe I could have helped in some way and stopped this awful tragedy. Oh the humanity!!

Or maybe not.