Venus Transit

Yesterday I saw the Venus Transit. It was pretty cool. I observed it using 2 methods.

The first method was the tried and true old school pin-hole camera learned in Boy Scouts. I took a large card board box and poked a small clean hole in it about 3-mm in diameter. I put said box over my head and inside the box held a small white piece of cardboard up upon which the image of the sun was projected. I’m sure I looked rather interesting to my colleagues when they found me standing in front of my second story wide-open office window with a large box over my head. Hmmm.

The second method was using a gradient piece of thick film. That was the method not recommended by experts but we were safe about it. Through the plastic I could barely see a grey circle with a small black dot in it.

I wish I could have taken pictures but I don’t have the right gear. Instead you can look at these awesome pictures I found here.