On friday as i came home from work, i saw a Fettes Brot CD in our mailbox. Just the CD without the holder. Because I don’t have the key, I had to wait until M. got home to get it out. Did I loan a Fettes Brot CD to someone? Did M.? What’s the deal? M. just handed me the CD and on the back was a URL written backwards. So I typed it in forwards and it took me to Peacetreaties.net which says this:

Why not make a friend out of a potential enemy by signing a Peace Treaty?

Why shall we wait any longer for peace from the governments? We, the people, can create our own peace between ourselves! The Personal Peace Treaties are a fantastic way to do that – and to prevent warfare. The idea is simple. You find someone sympathetic from a folk, country or religious group which is in conflict with yours, and you promise each other in a treaty there three things

1. that you will never fight each other with weapons

2. that you will respect your cultural, ethnical and religious differences

3. that you will try to find peaceful solutions in view of looming conflicts.

Hmm, was this specifically for me or is it some sort of viral marketing word of mouth thing? Am I the only one in my street to get one of these CDs? Anybody that knows me and knows where I live, also knows that I’m a pretty peaceful guy and that I don’t go around looking for trouble.

What could it all mean?