Last weekend I had a black and white photography course at the Uni here in L√ľneburg. It was cool. It’s a lot harder than one would think. I made three good prints. The first day started fine. Later on the in the afternoon I hit my head on the ventilator switch on the wall in the Photolab. It hurt like hell. Shortly after I felt sick or really hungry. I wasn’t sure. When I went home I decided on hungry and ate some dinner.


I yacked. A lot.

In the morning I wasn’t feeling aces but I had been waiting so long for this photo course that I wasn’t going to miss it come hell or high water. So I went.

It was tough but I pulled through. I went home and promply fell asleep and called in sick the next day. The doctor said it was a viral something something. I think it was a combo of bad food, not enough to eat, dehydration, concussion, photochemicals, and viral something something. But what do I know? I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV.

All better now though.


I haven’t posted much political commentary lately because it just depresses me. I’ve tried to sit down and write about it but when you do the research and follow the links and see lie after lie, it really gets to ya and makes ya depressed. But Uncle Wily toughed it out and posted something in the direction of what I’ve been trying to say. Couldn”t have said it better myself. Thanks Wil!

WIL WHEATON DOT NET: a matter of priorities:

    “But here’s the thing that just boggles me, and actually moved me to write tonight: The Bush administration waited 74 days before they started an investigation into who blew Ms. Plame’s cover, putting her, all her assets, and all of us at risk.

    Seventy-four days. When National Security is at stake.

    How many days did it take for the Bush administration to call for an investigation into Paul O’Neill?

    One. One day after he was on 60 Minutes. One day is all it took for what can be called a punitive investigation, at best, when all that’s really at stake is the rapidly vanishing ability of the Bush White house to lie to us and get away with it.

    So the question sweeping the nation is: Does Mr. Bush care more about protecting Americans from terrorism and ensuring our safety, or protecting himself from criticism, and ensuring his reelection?”