There is an interesting article I saw in the New York Times about Turkish-German artists. One of the interviewees is Kaya Yanar. He has a TV show called “Was Guckst Du?” (What you lookin’ at?). This is one of the funniest shows on TV because he plays with sensitive stereotypes and tells jokes touching on things non-minorities can only think about but can never say in public. One of his best characters is Hakan the Turkish club bouncer. He also does educational things with a comic slant like tours of Turkish bakeries in Germany (Where a lot of the Döner bread comes from) and goes inside a Turkish Tea Parlor (Teestube?) the insides of which most Germans have never seen. A lot of the really good German hip-hop is performed by Turkish artists.

Turks are the largest minority group in Germany.

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Turkish-German Artists Thrive in Their Adopted Land: “There are nearly three million Turkish-Germans in Germany, by far the largest minority in a country of more than 82 million. Some Turks still live cloistered in poor neighborhoods, speaking only Turkish. Others are fluent German speakers integrating into society. Germany is struggling with its role as an immigrant culture, and strains have developed between the mostly Muslim Turks and Germans, manifested in quarrels over the building of mosques and proposed bans on the wearing of head scarves in public schools. “