Skycraft in the house: A rough mix (5.9 MB). I hope to have this one done soon. There actually three different parts to this song one of which is the above link. This leads me to my new years resolutions:

1. Produce at least one music CD of original material

2. Really figure out PHP and MySQL and make this whole website dynamic, which ties in with…

3. Convert my companies website into a dynamic database driven site with lots of css, xml, and various goodies.

4. design and put together a portfolio of photography

5. Write more postcards.

6. Tally up my grocery receipts in a timely manner. I’ve already almost broke this one.

7. Read more “real” books in German. No more Pippi Langstrumpf und Fliegendes Klassenzimmer für mich.



I’m keeping 8 and 9 to myself. Heh.

I’m off to bed.

good night