I am off work until Jan 5th, hopefully. Meaning, I hope they don’t have to call me in because a Printer doesn’t work or something. *sigh*. Tomorrow we are going to M’s parents house and gonna have ourselves a German Christmas. I’m not sure what that entails but we’ll see. M’s mom is sick which means that me and M might have to do the cooking ourselves. M’s dad might help but he’s next to useless in the kitchen. I don’t want to talk smack but he is. It’s just a cultural generational thing. If we have to cook it will be some sort of traditional big Fish or maybe rabbit or something. I wish I could say I know but I don’t because I haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on around me the past week. It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s dark. The world is lucky it gets me outta Bed. The sun is just getting over the horizon when I get to the office an it is pitch dark again at 3pm. I need to go to a tanning salon maybe. Hmmm. It’s a little whistley I know but it helped stave off the “I’m a vampire and I want to kill” feeling last year.

Ever notice how sometime I capitalize nouns that in English aren’t supposed to be capitalized? That is because in German ALL nouns are capitalized and my brain sort of straddles the two ebbing blobs of grammatical grey matter not knowing which one should be engaged at a given moment in time.

Last night I was bounding throught the streets of Lüneburg at oh around 19:30Uhr, full of Glühwein, when some guy asked me if I had bought any cds yet today. No, Says i. Do you wanna? says he and proceeds to tell me he is selling cds to people he meets on the streets that he recorded and produced. I’m skeptical because I’ve been ripped off on the streets enough in my life already, but we got to talking about influences, software, instruments, where we are from, und so weiter. He has 2 different CDs for sale. One Cd costs 5 and if give him 10 you get a bonus gift, that being the other cd. He walks away with 10 Euros more than he had when he met me and I walk a way with 2 CDs more than I had when I met him. Commerce. I was still skeptical when I put the CD in the player but I was pleasantly suprised. It is good stuff and if you want to hear some of it you can it check it out here: foolzparadize.

Other music I have been/you should be listening to:

Clinic-Walking with thee

Besser– Lüneburgs finest

Wir Sind Helden– Hamburg band with the gayest holiday season intro splash page I have ever seen.

DJ Vadim


The Coral

George Jones- I’m late to the party, I know

The Dubstream at dublab.com

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Niels Frevert– I was at the the Hamburg historical museum with my parents last week and I saw him there eating Ice cream and hanging out with some kids dressed up like pirates. I didn’t say hello because I was dealing with a flipping out Handy (thats German for cell phone) and I was a big scaredy-cat.

This may be my last post before Christmas. I wish you all happy holidays. I’m off to wrap presents for all the good boys and girls.