A teacher stands in front of the class and asks, “Children, who can tell me what a tragedy is?” Billy raises his hand and says, “When my cat got hit by a car, it was a tragedy.” The teacher thought about how, to a small impressionable child, this was a terrible thing to happen and said, “Yes, it was bad thing but it was more of a terrible accident.” Joey raises his hand and says, “If Michael Jordan got old and died, that would be a tragedy.” The Teacher thought about how a small child would react to the death of their hero but at the same time the teacher realized that death was a natural part of life from which none of us would escape. “That would be bad Joey,” said the teacher, “but that would be more of a great loss. Anybody else?” Suzy raises her hand and says, “Oh, Oh! If George W. Bush is riding in his Air Force 1 and it gets shot down and he gets killed, that would be a tragedy, right?” The teacher thinks it over and is impressed with Suzy’s example. “Yes, thats correct”, said the teacher, “why did use that example?” “That’s easy”, says Suzy, “It wouldn’t be an accident and certainly wouldn’t be a great loss.”

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