Today before work i stopped at this little bakery to get a Brötchen and other goodies like I do every morning. We stopped behing this car that had 2 little ankle-biting dogs in it and they were of course barking like their asses were on fire. One put its ferocious little snout through the crack in the window and barked to which I replied, “woof woof woof”. This of course made the little shit even happier to see me. Suddenly the female owner of the dogs comes out of the bakery across the street and yells, “Muss das sein?”, which kinda means, “Do you have to do that?”. My co-worker, with whom I carpool with, asks what the hell is she talking about? She huffs and says the German equivalant of “Whatever, I am lacking the words to describe my emotions”. –She’d be a good guest on Sprockets with your host Dieter– I know how she feels because I was lacking the words in German to adequately say, “What the fuck is your problem bitch? I didn’t train the fucking dogs and apparently neither did you. I feel sorry for you and your sad-ass pathetic life. Now fuck off before I shove a breadroll down your overactive gaping maw.”

Isn’t the English language a treasure?