Just got this in the mail from Concerned Artists & Activists:




Dear Friend,

We write you as artists and activists who believe the Democratic Party is at a

turning point.  Jim Hightower says it best — when asked what he thinks of 3rd

parties, he says: “I’d settle for a second party.”  So would we.

We want a Democratic Party that offers a real alternative to the Bush

Administration agenda of corporatism and war. 

We want Democrats to stand up against the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq,

and the continuing occupation which is so costly in lives and resources.

We want a Party that stands up for genuine universal health coverage and for

expanded educational opportunities and environmental cleanup paid for by cuts in

the bloated Pentagon budget.  Our country’s military spending now rivals that of

all other countries in the world combined.  Yet most Democratic presidential

candidates have declared the Pentagon off-limits to cuts.

We want a Party that challenges NAFTA, the World Trade Organization and a

system of global trade that enriches multinational corporations as it drives down

environmental and labor standards around the world.  Unfortunately, most

Democratic presidential candidates supported NAFTA and/or the WTO.

We want a Party that says no to failed criminal justice policies such as the

racially-biased “drug war” that has depleted state budgets while fueling the

prison-industrial complex.

If you agree with us on what the Democratic Party should stand for, there is one

sure way of telling the world: Support Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic


Dennis Kucinich is a unique and courageous member of Congress — the first

presidential candidate to oppose Bush’s war in Iraq, and one who has never

wavered in his opposition. 

He’s the only presidential candidate who voted against the “USA PATRIOT Act.”

We know Dennis.  We admire him.  We endorse him. 

If you agree with us on what direction the Party and our nation must take — even

if you aren’t endorsing Dennis yet — please consider sending a donation to help

him spread his progressive Democratic message to more and more people.

Contributions are needed now, as the Sept. 30 is the financial filing deadline —

and your donation to the campaign is doubled thanks to federal matching funds.

It’s quick and easy to donate.  Please do so by clicking here: 


Join us and Dennis in telling the world that only a Democratic Party with firm

principles can inspire and win. 

Thank you,

Ed Asner, Ben Cohen, James Cromwell, Ani DiFranco, 

Barbara Ehrenreich, Elliott Gould, Mimi Kennedy

For more information on Dennis Kucinich: http://www.kucinich.us

Please forward our email to others who share our concerns and values.