Had a show the other night in the small village of Hoopte. It was a big party with lights, video projectors, stages, sound systems, beer , bratwurst, motorcycles, and go-go dancers.

A few things that rule:

Star Time 4 cd box set from James Brown. Ugh!

Hitsville 4 cd boxset from Motown.

Döners with lots of goat cheese.

Cola with Jägermeister.

Tube amps.


punk rock girls.

punk rock girls with cute glasses and tattoos.

When shit works the way it is supposed to.

When your 10 cents short when buying something and the cashier doesn’t sweat it.


Second song on FooFighters album “one by one”. The one where Dave Grohl and Jack Black are in the video together.

When you are playing together with other musicians and you get that groove and it feels good.