Ok a few things:

Dennis Kucinich is who I’m supporting for President. Its a longshot but I’m voting with my conscience.

The best online translator is here: Tha Shizzolator. It makes life that much more interesting.

A fashion accessory I was going to design but someone beat me to it: The American Traveler Apology Shirt: A must buy for Americans abroad.

From the Guardian: In extracts from her book on the curious lives of human corpses, Mary Roach visits a field full of rotting bodies and (below) watches a cadaver help test car safety. Click here for the lovely details. Eww.

More fuel for the fire boys. I hope the press starts asking more questions and stops sucking the teat of the Bush administration.

And last but not least: If you drive this car or think it is cool, you are a dick. Don’ try to justify it. Just accept it and kill yourself asshole.

anger subsiding…..rising…subsiding. All work and no play make Nate something something..